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About Us

Content In Motion started in 2017 in Lima, Peru with just two regular contributors. Today, we have half a dozen regular copy writers and graphic designers around the globe who help us fulfill a growing list of content orders. We even hop-scotch around the world to meet our best clients in person, which is always a hoot.

Content is actually a lot of fun to make, so buckle up for a good time. It all starts with "hello," just write us below!

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Alexandra Borzo loves all things to do with words. A copy writer and project manager, she's ready to breathe life into your brand. Alexandra is the founding member of Content In Motion and has been published in Independent Banker Magazine, on Machucabotones and through a sequence of books by HowExpert.


With one degree in Graphic Design and the other in Communications, David Olano is a content engineer who can build your brand with his beautiful graphic content. David is also an experienced translator who makes content more competitive for any clients with both English and Spanish-speaking target audiences.

Want to work for us?

Well, that depends. But just on a couple of things! Let's see how you answer these questions, and we'll have a good idea if you'll be a fit for the team.

1) What's your M.O. in producing awesome work?

2) Who's the best in the world at what you do?

Yes, maybe we'll ask you a little more after that. But first, shoot us an email with your answers to these questions! We wouldn't say no to a peek at your portfolio, either.

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