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Client-Facing Content


It’s simple: we divide the content we create by who the audience for that content will be. Client-facing content is designed to reach the audience who will purchase your products or services. It establishes your brand as a thought leader and provides value for those looking for information.

Blogs are often the first thing business owners think of when we say "content." Value-added content for your clients can be much more than that, however, and even blogs can be used and written strategically to do more than fill your website. Ask about our infographic work, guest writing, SEO strategy and content optimization for everything from your blog, to YouTube, to social!

We also take care of your website copy. What is the rationale behind your site? The purpose behind every page? Is your site organized in a way that will take visitors where they need to go? Do you have a funnel to maximize each visit? How about downloadable resources to capture leads? Depending on your needs, we optimize your website and its content to allow you to meet your goals.

Our à la carte services include creating brand guides, too, so that all content created (by us or anyone else) is done in accordance with your brand—meaning everything from your colors to your images will have value and support all you do.

If you just need a couple of one-time gigs, like press releases, brochures, mailers, newsletters, or whatever else, count us in. For those of you who already use Content In Motion for another service, à la carte carries a discounted hourly fee.

More than just creating content, our team creates conversion-driven content that integrates into your brand’s bigger strategy. Every piece of content is thought through to fit perfectly into the your content marketing objectives.

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